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Atom is a stand alone novel. Scott and Sam are glad that their hometown is quite once more. When a new resident called Felstar arrives, all hell breaks loose once again.

May 21

ATOM will be released on the 1st June 2016

Atom cover image

Sam and Scott are a couple of teenagers who live in the small town of Atom. One year ago, a macabre multiple murder shocked the town. Sam’s father, Brad Newell, who also happens to be the local sheriff, was badly affected by this. Although things have quietened down now, and they are enjoying the arrival …

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Apr 20

Atom – Chapter 2 (1st draft)

Atom cover

Scott Jennings was a likable teenager. His outgoing manner often meant some embarrassment for Sam but Scott always said things with a smile and somehow managed to get away with things that Sam could not. As they walked down the street to the small real estate business where Scott’s mother, Louise worked, Scott smiled and greeted everyone …

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Apr 16

Atom – Chapter 1 (1st draft)

Atom cover

  It was the start of summer and the sun hid behind the clock tower of the church. Sam Newell sat on the crumbling stone wall at the front of the church with his best friend, Scott. Behind them, scattered gravestones punctuated the worn grass that stood at the front of the church. Scott wondered …

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