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BBC News – Gamma ray burst ‘hit Earth in 8th Century’

  BBC News – Gamma-ray burst ‘hit Earth in 8th Century‘. A gamma ray burst, the most powerful explosion known in the Universe, may have hit the Earth in the 8th Century. In 2012 researchers found evidence that our planet had been struck by a blast of radiation during the Middle Ages, but there was …

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Large Hadron Collider ‘may be producing a new type of matter’ as collisions produce surprise results | Mail Online

Researchers looked at collisions between protons and lead ions By Daily Mail Reporter PUBLISHED: 17:18, 27 November 2012 | UPDATED: 17:18, 27 November 2012 Scientists at the Large Hadron Collider beleive their experiments may have created a new type of matter. They say, collisions between protons and lead ions at the LHC have resulted in …

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Fracking’s most horrifying health risks – Salon.com

New York State’s Department of Health is finally assessing the dangers — but is there time to address them? By Alison Rose Levy, Alternet The good news is that a public health department— New York State’s Department of Health (DOH)— is finally undertaking an assessment of fracking’s likely health risks. The bad news is that …

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US Planned To Blow Up The Moon In 1959: Report | Photos

The United States planned to blow up the moon with a nuclear bomb during the cold war, according to reports. The secret project, dubbed ‘A Study of Lunar Research Flights’ or ‘Project A119‘, was allegedly devised by US military chiefs at the height of the space race in the late 1950s as a show of …

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Doha: Sea levels to rise by more than 1m by 2100 – Telegraph

Sea levels are rising 60 per cent faster than the United Nations originally predicted, according to a new study, putting small island states and coastal cities at risk. The research, published in the journal Environmental Research Letters, used the latest satellite technology to measure sea level rise It found that sea levels have been rising …

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