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Let you who have been given the task of guarding this book, guard its secrets well. Formed across the expanse of time, the entries in this verse give clues to the past, present and future. Guides are all you will receive lest I should inadvertently betray myself and those I have given my trust to.

Though I never directly took a side, there are still those that believe I should stand with them. I refute this and any allegiance to one race or viewpoint. I have been called the most noble of free men, a disciple of the light and grave robber. All of these are vague references to what completes me as a man. Trusted with the deliverance of a man,back into the world , betrayed by those he sought to aid and persecuted by those he dared to question, I fulfilled my duty as I saw fit and not as others sought me to do.

You who read this book,are entrusted to make choices based on personal beliefs and an honest will to take the right course. Whether you can be worthy of the tasks ahead remains to be seen, but I have made a personal choice based on individual freewill to entrust you with this book. Should you turn around to see me, I will not be there. Should you call out to me, I will not hear. Should you need my aid, I will not answer your call. Know that my time as a catalyst is done and never was I the action for change. It is your time now. There is a sense of goodness that prevails in you. This is why I have placed the book in your safe-keeping. Seek help where you can find it, even if you cannot trust it. Understand that the world of man is governed by the instinct for survival and self-preservation at all times. Understand this and you will always remain one step ahead of your opponent. The words contained within are the truth of the past, a picture of the present and a guide to the future. Read them well and guard them jealously.

In the hope that humanity does in fact exist.



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