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In the world of RUST, Raven is a bounty hunter. When he abducts a small-time thief, he is forced into a quest that exposes the dark secrets of RUST and himself. CHAPTER ONE Cobbleknock was a strange town, buried deep at the bottom of a valley. Some less generous folk might observe that it was …

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They Marvel at the Star

Thomas is a member of the Fyrd and is recruited into Harold Godwinson’s army to confront Duke William II of Normandy. He is befriended by a blond-haired man called Kauko as they march to war. Thomas has no time for lords, kings or gods of any kind but Kauko seems to have a large amount …

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FUGUE They found the man they call John in an abandoned warehouse, surrounded by four dead bodies. Who he is or what he was doing there, the police do not know, even John does not know. D.I. Carl Grant recruits Professor Catherine Lamb to help get John’s memory back and find out who really is, …

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